Welcome to NAS Peterborough Branch

(National Autistic Society)


Welcome to the National Autistic Society Peterborough Branch website


The branch currently provides information and advice support to individuals of all ages with autism, and their families and carers through our email (peterborough@nas.org.uk). We are also in the process of developing more support groups to provide help and support to local autistic people and their families.


For events and more regular updates from the branch, visit our facebook page


Please note that a diagnosis of autism is not required to access support from the branch.


For further information please contact us on email as our branch telphone is not working at the moment


We aim to


• Give support to, and represent the needs of, families, carers and people with an

autism spectrum disorder


• Provide information and services to those with an interest in autism


• Fundraise for the NAS charity and Peterborough branch


• Increase public awareness of autism and campaign for better local services for those

living with autism in Peterborough


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Upcoming Events




Promotion and Fundraising stand at Asda

2019 Dates:   4th September, 2nd December


Promotion and Fundraising stand at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre

2019 Dates: Tuseday 9th July, Tuseday 23rd July, Tuseday 6th & Tuseday 20th August more dates to be confirmed soon    


Adult Social Befriending Group

2019 Dates: 5th July, 2nd Aug, 6th Sept, 4th Oct,1st Nov,

6th Dec



Adult Social Events Group

2019 Dates:  Friday 28th June, Friday 26th July, Friday 30th Aug,  Friday 27th Sept, Friday 25th Oct, Friday 29th November.


NAS Peterborough Committee Meeting

2019 Dates: 19th June, 24th July, 21st Aug, 18th Sept, 23rd Oct, 20th Nov & Fri 13th Dec  


CCG Grovening Body Meeting

The Richard Young Suite

The Boathouse Business Centre, Harbour Square  

Wisbeach Cambridgeshire PE13 3BH

Date: Tuseday 2nd July 2019 15:30 -18:00


Autism Strategic Board Meeting

Peterborough City Council

Peterborugh Town Hall

Bridge Street Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE1 1HA

Date: Wednesday 28th August  2019 11:00-13:00


See events page for more details and calendar

Branch News


NAS Peterborough urgently requires more Volunteers

The NAS Peterborough branch is solely reliant on volunteers. Without volunteers our branch wouldn't exist. We now urgently need volunteers to come forward to help.

For more infomation please see the poster by clickikng here.

For current NAS Peterborugh volunteer vacanies please follow the link to NAS Recruitment page click here for more details.


NAS World Autism Awareness Week 1st-7th April 2019

World Autism Awareness Week! Our favourite week is back and we’re hoping it will be bigger and better than ever and do even more to help create a society that works for autistic people. So, join us and help raise some much-needed cash and awareness in your workplace, school or local club. Whether it's taking to the streets to raise awareness of autism in one of our Spectrum Night Walks for more infomation click here. there is a way for you to be a part of it to get involved with World Autism Awareness Week See our events page for more infomation or follow the link to NAS Website


Autism Hour

This event has now finshed for this year but Autism Hour will be back in 2019. We would like to thank all of the Busineeses who took part this year. Events were organised with NAS Peterborough & NAS Cambridge branches. please share your experiences of Autism Hour 2018 by completing our survey


NAS Peterborough Branch Telephone

Our branch telephone is not working at the moment please contact us by email or if you would like to come our groups for infomation please do so.


New Changes for Car Parking at Asda Peterborough  

The Car park at Asda Peterborough eforcments are now back in use and have now recently changed once more. you can park there for 2 hours for shopping. when we have our group and committee meeting car parking now has to be registered at the customer service desk then the Customer service staff will ask you for your car registration to put into the computer when this has been complete then your car can stay in the Car park  until the end of our group or Committee meeting or until you leave the car park. For more Details please contact NAS Peterborough Branch or Asda Peterborugh



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