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 Welcome to NAS Peterborough Branch


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Why we fundraise


The NAS and all local branches have a proud tradition of putting on brilliant and creative fundraising events to ensure we can keep proving the programmes and services our community needs.


Fundraiding includes bake sales to marathons, from partnerships with local businesses to winning grants from charitable trusts and more!



The Peterborough branch are working on lots of new ideas for fundraising, we appreciate and are aiming to further improve our services on your support and donations.

What's going on now


In the Asda Superstore Rivergate, you can find our promotion and  fundraising stand on the following Dates in 2020:  TBC more dates to be confirmed soon  


Feel free to drop by for information about our social groups, branch or any other enquiries you have.


Autism Hour


Events are beening organised with NAS Peterborough & NAS Cambridge branches. These events are beening ran by both NAS Peterborough & NAS Cambridge branches for autism hour with fundraising stalls and awareness stalls in the busineses who has singed up for Autism hour. This event has now finshed for this year but Autism Hour will be back in 2019 from both NAS Peterborough & NAS Cambridge Branches we would like to thank all of the Busineeses who took part this year and for the support of the pubilc while we was doing our fundrasising.    




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Online Donations


If you would like to contribute to the NAS and everyone's efforts in raising awarness and campaigning, all donations are welcome and very much appreciated. Thank you!

NAS Autism Awareness week

NAS World Autism Awareness Week 1st-7th April


World Autism Awareness Week !


World Autism Awareness Week is a time where we can all rally together to get our voices heard and to help build a society that works for the 700,000 autistic people living in the UK. Whether it's taking to the streets to raise awareness of autism in one of our Spectrum Night Walks, holding an informative coffee and cake morning at home or school, vlogging your story or appearing in train stations and streets with collection buckets, there is a way for you to be a part of it. For more infomation on World Autism Awareness Week Please  folow the link to NAS Website 



The NAS Peterborough Branch are planning events during World Autism Awareness Week Please see below for our events more events will be availbe soon



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