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Befriending Groups  

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What are Befriending Groups?


These social groups provide a safe place where:

  • people with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can socialise comfortably

  • so-called social "mistakes" won't be judged

  • they can learn social skills with a peer group that understands


It can be enormously therapeutic for adults with ASDs to meet other people experiencing the same challenges - and they're fun too!

Adult Social Befriending Group


These free sessions will provide information and advice for autistic adults and anyone you wish to bring along for support. They're also a place to meet, socialise and share experiences. The first hour facilitates friendly conversation and gives an overview of NAS services. During the second half, you're welcome to join in with various board games or just relax in our company.


Refreshments provided

Toilets near by

Lift access to room


Adult Social Events Group


Come and join us for NEW Social Events Group for adults with autism and their families and carers organised by NAS Peterborough Branch.


The Social Events Group requires bookings and there is a charge for each activity paid by the individual members, more details can be provided or obtained from our website. Please come along and share your experiences, interests and concerns.

The activities organised will be different every month.

They will include visiting a local cinema, going out for a meal, playing sports or managing and playing various board games, we are open to new suggestions for the Social Events Group so we can improve the group and do activities that autistic people would want to come to.



Upcoming 2020 dates:  TBC more dates to be confirmed soon  see our poster  


For more information and activity for this month see our poster, which will be available soon.



For more information and activity for next month, see or poster which is availbe soon.


Due to low number of volunteers the future NAS Adult Social Events Group maybe cancelled but we will try our best to continue with the NAS Adult Social Events Group.


To book a place for NAS Adult Social Events Group please contact us on our facebook page or email us at




Other Nearby Social Groups


Similarly to the Peterborough branch, you're welcome to attend the adult social groups run by NAS Cambridge on a wednesday in March and Huntingdon.

2019 posters for March and Huntingdon groups.

View posters, by clicking 'March' or 'Huntingdon' above, to find out more




March 2019 Dates:   18th Dec


Huntingdon: 2019 Dates:    11th Dec .





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