Welcome to NAS Peterborough Branch

(National Autistic Society)


Welcome to the National Autistic Society Peterborough Branch website


The branch currently provides information and advice support to individuals of all ages with autism, and their families and carers through our email ([email protected]). We are also in the process of developing more support groups to provide help and support to local autistic people and their families.


For events and more regular updates from the branch, visit our facebook page


Please note that a diagnosis of autism is not required to access support from the branch.


For further information please contact us on email as our branch telphone is not working at the moment


We aim to


• Give support to, and represent the needs of, families, carers and people with an

autism spectrum disorder


• Provide information and services to those with an interest in autism


• Fundraise for the NAS charity and Peterborough & District branch


• Increase public awareness of autism and campaign for better local services for thoseliving with autism in Peterborough and District


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Upcoming Events





Promotion and Fundraising stand at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre

2020 Dates:  TBC more dates to be confirmed soon    


Adult Social Befriending Group

2020 Dates: 7th Aug, 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec    


Adult Social Events Group

2020 Dates:  TBC more dates to be confirmed soon    



NAS Peterborough Committee Meeting

2020 Dates:  


CCG Grovening Body Meeting



Autism Strategic Board Meeting



See events page for more details and calendar

Branch News


NAS Peterborough urgently requires more Volunteers

The NAS Peterborough branch is solely reliant on volunteers. Without volunteers our branch wouldn't exist. We now urgently need volunteers to come forward to help.

For more infomation please see the poster by clickikng here.

For current NAS Peterborugh volunteer vacanies please follow the link to NAS Recruitment page click here for more details.


Autism Hour 5th-12th October 2019

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour is back! From 5-12 October 2019, businesses all over the UK will be taking the first steps to create an autism-friendly world and your support is vital to make sure this happens. Since Autism Hour began, we’ve seen over 17,000 businesses run over 40,000 Autism Hours and they’ve shown that Autism Hour is more than 60 minutes. It’s helping staff to understand autism, welcoming autistic people and their families to businesses and, most importantly, using their experience to make more permanent autism-friendly changes.Last year, over 11,000 businesses took part in our Autism Hour campaign, taking the first step in creating autism friendly communities all over the UK. Many businesses have seen the difference it makes and have continued to take action. Join them this October to see how you can make a world that works for autistic people. NAS Peterborough are hosting Fundraising events and we will be supporting business in our area during Autism Hour 2019 for infomation please see our events page and follow the link to the NAS Website where you can sign up to take part during Autism Hour 2019


NAS World Autism Awareness Week 30th March-5th April 2020

The amout raised from NAS Peterborough & District Branch during World Autism Awareness Week 2019 was £912.24 this includes what we made from NAS World Autism Awareness Week 2019 & NAS Spectrum night walk 2019 this exceeded our targets thank you for supporting Wolrd Austim Awareness Week 2019. Our favourite week is back in 2020 there is a way for you to be a part of it to get involved with World Autism Awareness Week See our events page for more infomation or follow the link to NAS Website


NAS Peterborough Branch Telephone

Our branch telephone is now working our Branch telephone Number is 07485304255 please  contact us for infomation on our groups and services, more infomation will be availbe soon.





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